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Ruizhi Packing Machinery Co.,Ltd (Former Name Ruixing Packing Machinery Co.,Ltd) is established at year of 1995, main product is paper bag making machine. With the expansion of production scale, in 2003, we rebuilt ourself as Ruizhi Packing Machinery Co.,Ltd in Pingyang County, Wenzhou City, China, while mainly trades in side sealing plastic bag making machine, we self-developed our new line of product, paper bag making machine. Now our priority is paper bag making machine and side sealing plastic bag making machine, our machine is in great demand all around China, and we also have a big share of exporting business to Europe, America, Asia, Africa and so on.

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Our Products

Sharp bottom paper bag machine-RZJD-G350J.

RZFD-450 is a product of Wenzhou Ruizhi Machinery automatic high-speed square bottom paper bag machine series, which is an upgraded version of 330.

RZJD-G250J-flat bottom paper bag machine

Supply Ability Supply Ability:50 Set/Sets per Month Paper Bag Manufacturing Machine.

Square bottom paper bag machine - RZFD-190-2 color.

RZFD-190 is a product of Wenzhou Reizhi Machinery automatic high-speed square bottom paper bag machine. This machine is used for reel primary paper or printing web, such as kraft paper, food paper and other paper rolls.

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    After-sales service is very good, the problem is solved in time, we are very relieved.

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    Very fast operation, low loss and high work efficiency.

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